sealing_wax (sealing_wax) wrote in graveangels,

and one of the base..

also, i'm a new member. i love cemeteries, and cemetery statues are the best things ever.
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Nice shots. Welcome to the group! I am along the same lines, I love cemetery art. The efforts of the craftsmen that went into the memorials of the dearly departed. I have a site, Garden of Shadows, and I have some of my photos there. I did have a lot more, but I am in the middle of changing my direction with the site, so there are not as many, but I hope it is still worth checking out.
thank you. eeh, your pictures are wonderful, especially the mausoleums. i agree with you on old memorials being best. it seems like dying meant more a long time ago than it does now, like more spiritual than physical. maybe because of religion or less self-indulgence. eh.