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I'm posting questions, and y'all should answer:D Sort of like a survey, I spose..I need to get to know my friends more.

1. Who are you?
2. How long have I known you?
3. Did we, at some point, dislike each other?
4. Don't you love me?
5. How old are you?
6. When's your birthday?
7. Where do you live?
8. What's your favorite color?
9. What's your sexuality?
10. Religion?
11. Drinking/drugs?
12. Do you find me pretty?
13. Do we talk often?
14. Do you wish we were closer?
15. Can I paint your nails?
16. What's something that rocks?
17. Favorite movie?
18. Celeb?
19. Book?
20. What's a book/CD/movie you suggest?
21. Anyone you think I should add as a friend, on LJ?
22. Fave animal?
23. Ever done the nasty?
24. Isn't Passions so hard not to watch?
25. Do you like peanut brittle?
26. Am I a hick?
27. Who rocks the party?
28. What about sweet tea, do you drink it?
29. What's your most outrageous fantasy?
30. Do you like to read?
31. What about poetry, write it? Read it? Dig it?
32. Makeup, or none?
33. Would you "do" me? Het.Het.
34. Do you like bugs?
35. Snakes?
36. Animals?
37a. Have a website?
37b. If so, what's the address?
38. Piercings..yes or no?
39. Tattoos..yes or no?
40. Favorite college football team?
41. What's your obsessions?
42. Frequent cravings?
43. Any allergies?
44. Favorite foods/scents/etc?
45. Do you like beads?
46. Jewelry? How much do you wear?
47. Who rocks the casbah, band wise?
48. Will you kiss me? I'm Irish..;)
49. What's todays date?
50. And lastly, do you feel that we've accomplished something here? Het.
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Deleted comment're craaazy. Yes meant for all=)
1. My name is Amber
2. .002 seconds now. Nice to meet you.
3. Not in this lifetime, no.
4. If you want me too.
5. 17. I'll be 18 in 3 weeks.
6. June 14
7. Avondale, AZ
8. Black
9. Bisexual
10. None
11. On occasion
12. Never seen you
13. No
14. Sure
15. As long as it's black...
16. My girlfriend
17. None
18. None
19. None... damn I'm boring
20. The new Coal Chamber. I don't know when it comes out, but I downloaded it all... good stuff.
21. No idea
22. Ferret
23. Drunk
24. I think it's retarded. I've never seen a full episode
25. Sometimes
26. No idea
27. Usually the person I'm hanging all over
28. Hate tea
29. Like I said, I'm boring
30. Only books on true Murder Cases that involve the occult
31. I write it
32. Make-up is good
33. Drunk, sure
34. Yes
35. As long as they don't try to rape me
36. Usually
37a. No
37b. eh
38. Yes, lip and eyebrow
39. 3 weeks
40. football? Please...
41. coffins
42. Dairy Queen
43. Nope
44. Vanilla
45. Some
46. Collar and boyfriends "Cadavre" dog tag
47. CoF Dani is sexy
48. Sure thing, I'll get right on that.
49. May 26
50. Yeah, I'm boring
1. You can call me V
2. You don't...err, didn't...whatever.
3. Well, I dislike humanity as a whole, and I'd assume you are part of that...
4. If you're female, then I can almost honestly say that yes, I do love you (I love all women, and hate them for it).
5. Old enough to know better, young enough to still do it (almost 28)
6. July 12
7. New Orleans
8. Depends on what mood I'm in...usually black
9. Friendly but straight
10. Nope
11. Whatcha got?
12. Erm..haven't looked...guess I suck.
13. Never have
14. Are you flirting with me?
15. What colour?
16. Pringles
17. Depends on my mood...either The Crow, Tank Girl, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail
18. Winona Ryder...yummmm
19. Does the LotR trilogy count?
20. Therion (music)
21. Dunno
22. Wolf
23. As often as possible
24. Huh?
25. Its ok
26. from Alabama?
27. I'd wager you do
28. Don't like tea
29. Have a girl come after me with a mini dildo
30. Used to
31. Yup
32. I prefer natural, but a little help doesn't hurt. Just don't overdo it. Tammy Fay = bleh
33. Probably. Who knows?
34. I stomp them whenever possible
35. Too boring
36. As long as I don't have to take care of them.
37a. Yes
37b. Not telling (its not really ready yet)
38. Yes, wondering what to get next
39. Nope..haven't found one I like enough yet
40. Don't give a crap
41. Ramen
42. Sex
43. Work
44. Shake n bake pork chops. Yummm
45. Depends on where they go
46. I don't
47. Tool...Trent
48. In that case... ;)
49. 6/26
50. Sincerely doubt it seem rather interesting. Yay for New Orleans..I'm coming down there in August=) And no, I'm from Tennessee..blah on 'Bama. Anyways..thank you for fillin' that out.