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I'm posting questions, and y'all should answer:D Sort of like a survey, I spose..I need to get to know my friends more.

1. Who are you?
2. How long have I known you?
3. Did we, at some point, dislike each other?
4. Don't you love me?
5. How old are you?
6. When's your birthday?
7. Where do you live?
8. What's your favorite color?
9. What's your sexuality?
10. Religion?
11. Drinking/drugs?
12. Do you find me pretty?
13. Do we talk often?
14. Do you wish we were closer?
15. Can I paint your nails?
16. What's something that rocks?
17. Favorite movie?
18. Celeb?
19. Book?
20. What's a book/CD/movie you suggest?
21. Anyone you think I should add as a friend, on LJ?
22. Fave animal?
23. Ever done the nasty?
24. Isn't Passions so hard not to watch?
25. Do you like peanut brittle?
26. Am I a hick?
27. Who rocks the party?
28. What about sweet tea, do you drink it?
29. What's your most outrageous fantasy?
30. Do you like to read?
31. What about poetry, write it? Read it? Dig it?
32. Makeup, or none?
33. Would you "do" me? Het.Het.
34. Do you like bugs?
35. Snakes?
36. Animals?
37a. Have a website?
37b. If so, what's the address?
38. Piercings..yes or no?
39. Tattoos..yes or no?
40. Favorite college football team?
41. What's your obsessions?
42. Frequent cravings?
43. Any allergies?
44. Favorite foods/scents/etc?
45. Do you like beads?
46. Jewelry? How much do you wear?
47. Who rocks the casbah, band wise?
48. Will you kiss me? I'm Irish..;)
49. What's todays date?
50. And lastly, do you feel that we've accomplished something here? Het.
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